Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reality Is Broken

I finally finished Jane McGonigal's Reality is Broken as part of the Level Up Book Club, and I think that every education administrator needs to read it too! And probably a lot of people in the corporate world as well.

Choice quotes:

p. 48: "As long as we're focused on intrinsic and not extrinsic reward, we never run out of the raw materials for making our own happiness."

p. 67: "The right kind of failure feedback is a reward. It makes us more engaged and more optimistic about our odds of success."

p. 68: "Being really good at something is less fun than being not quite good enough ... yet."

p. 113: "We want to be esteemed in the eyes of others, not for 'who we are,' but rather for what we've done that really matters."

 p.127: "And that's why today's born-digital kids are suffering more in traditional classrooms than any previous generation. School today for the most part is just one long series of necessary obstacles that produce negative stress. The work is mandatory and standardized, and failure goes on your permanent record."

p. 129: Re: secret assignments at the Quest to Learn charter school: "Obviously not all schoolwork can be special, secret missions. But when every book could contain a secret code, every room a clue, every handout a puzzle, who wouldn't show up to school more likely to fully participate, in the hopes of being the first to find the secret challenges?"

p. 131: Re: expertise exchange at Q2L: "By identifying your strengths and interests publicly, you increase the chances that you'll be called on to do work that you're good at. In the classroom, this means students are more likely to find ways to contribute successfully to team projects. And the chance to do something you're good at as part of a larger project helps students build real esteem among their peers - not empty self-esteem based on nothing other than wanting to feel good about yourself, but actual respect and high regard based on contributions you've made."

p. 268: "Collaboration isn't just about achieving a goal or joining forces; it's about creating something together that it would be impossible to create alone."

p. 272: "Co-op games deliver all the emotional rewards of a good game, while helping gamers avoid activating the negative emotions that can come with highly competitive play: feelings of aggression, anger, disappointment, or humiliation."

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